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Done with you
Naiara Lira

Dress from the beggining

Dress me with the dignity your white skin stills from me

Dress me with respect


Make my body your life plan!

Just don't throw empty desires at my black skin

Dress me properly


Dress me with a girlsfriend title... Can you do it?

Dress me to be a companion for the joy and for the pain

Undress me out of passion!


My role in life is not to be your whore

While you merry a white girl

Do you want me? Than love me!

Slavery is over and I'm not gonna be your sexual toy


Get over I'm done with you!







It seams like the role of black women towards white man in society is always to be the lover, the other one. Guess what? We're done!


Parece que o papel da mulher negra em relação ao homem branco na sociedade é sempre o da amante, da outra. Adivinha só? Chega!




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